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James Hendrick Harmon, former County Counsel of Imperial County, makes winning argument before the U.S. Supreme Court

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-Jon Moore 2009

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Consumer Lawyers focusing on personal injuries, and workers compensation.

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Los Angeles and Orange County Attorneys

Dedicated to representing consumers for personal injury and workers compensation accidents.

Injured in an auto accident?

The California personal injury attorneys at The Harmon Firm, know how to get you the best compensation possible. Attorneys with many years of experience, will negotiate settlements with insurance companies, arrange for mediation to resolve contentious issues, or litigate in court to maximize the damage award you deserve. If you need a lawyer to help you obtain recompense for your car accident, serious third party, or industrial injuries, contact the personal injury lawyers at The Harmon Firm. The Harmon Firm provides individualized services that focuses on individuals needs.

Personal injury cases are now mainly evaluated by insurance company software. This means that the insurance company representative has lost controlling the value of the case to a computer. Today's personal injury lawyer should recognize this shift and be prepared to communicate with the insurance company's "adjusting software" in order to maximize settlement money. We have the latest software to properly communicate with insurance companies to facilitate settlement.

Hurt on the job?

The attorneys at The Harmon Firm, are experienced in workers’ compensation law. California’s workers’ compensation laws changed in 2004, making it potentially more difficult for California workers to receive compensation for their injuries. Because of these changes, many attorneys in the Southern California region no longer handle workers’ comp cases. Despite the changes to the law, the lawyers at The Harmon Firm, remain dedicated to helping victims of workplace accidents secure the largest award possible and maximize benefits under California’s workers’ compensation statutes.

SB 863 and why you need our help...

We handle workers’ compensation cases because serious injuries happen event day. Injuries occur in all types of jobs: construction, general office, supermarkets, factories, machine shops, agriculture, truck driving, secretaries, professional offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, law enforcement, fire fighting. It can be a specific injury, occurring in one event, or it can be a series of small injuries over time, known as a cumulative trauma. Either way, insurance companies fight hard to limit benefits for injured workers. Our job to protect injured workers and fight for their rights. We want to maximize the benefits allowable under the workers’ compensation laws. Right now, the California workers’ compensation system is controlled by insurance companies and the result is limited benefits. One of the biggest problems we deal with is California: SB 863. This law went into effect January 1, 2013, took away the right to fight medical treatment denials in court. A little historical background:

Medical Provider Networks (MPN) came into being as part of the 2004 Workers’ Compensation Reform package set forth in Senate Bill 899. Prior to SB 899, an injured worker could choose any doctor they wanted to treat their injuries. An injured worker any doctor they wanted to treat their injury: family doctor, a more advanced sports medicine doctor, or a neighborhood chiropractor. With SB 899, that went away. With SB899, employers got more control over the medical treatment for injured workers by taking away employee’s rights. By allowing insurance companies/employers to create a network of insurance company­selected physicians, they could control which doctors were able to provide treatment and, more importantly, they could force those doctor to accept insanely low payment rates for their services. Lots of doctors that provided treatment to injured workers simply quit. Those doctors did not want to be under the thumb of the insurance carriers.

Labor Code §§ 4616 through 4616.7 and 8 CCR §§ 9767.1­9767.16 set forth the framework for this MPN paradigm.

Insurance companies made SB 899, and their clients, the employers, got right on board with the reduced benefits of the MPN system. It has been a disaster for injured workers. The insurance carrier/employer community believe that the have some how created a more just system. However, even the employers admit that many problems continued to arise on a regular basis.

Employers complain that injured workers were given permission to treat outside of the employer’s MPN due to relatively minor breaches of regulatory mandates. They argue that this was contrary to the legislative intent behind SB 899. But this is tantamount to crying wolf. The law was created, with strict requirements for implementation. When an employer/carrier fails to comply with the rules, they complaint that the breach is minor and should not affect their right to trample on the employee’s rights. Our job is to hold the insurance companies to the rules and protect the limited rights of workers.

READ MORE - An Open Letter to California Governor to Not Sign SB 863 - CLICK HERE

Need an experienced lawyer?

Our skilled Orange and Los Angeles County personal injury attorneys are life-long residents of the area. They know the lawyers who will appear for the other side in your matter, and put that knowledge to work for you, whether in the courtroom or in settlement negotiations. They practice in all areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation and bankruptcy. They offer a free initial consultation for you to get information about receiving compensation for your injuries.



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